Mini-games & contests

What kind of games can I add to my experience?

Discover the addicting games available for your experiences !

How to choose a suitable template?

Save time and use predefined and suitable templates.

How do I create a Toss game?

Entertain your audience with a Toss Game

How do I create a Trivia Quiz?

Add fun and interactivity to your experience with a Trivia Quiz

How do I create a Scratch game?

Add a Scratch game inside the bot in the Instant Win feature

How do I create a Swipe Music Quiz?

Entertain your audience with musical games

How do I create a Calendar quiz?

Create an appointment with your audience by revealing different questions every day.

How do I create a Piano game

Captivate your audience with a speed game

How do I create a Voting Contest?

How do I create a blindtest?

Create a fun and interactive music quiz and test your audience music knowledge.

How do I create a Selfie contest?

Find out how to setup, customize and share a Selfie contest through your experience.

How do I create a Memory Game?

Engage your community by testing their memory skills

How do I create a Runner Game?

Hook your audience with an addictive Runner Game

How do I create a Swipe Poll?

How do I create a Swipe Quiz?

Find out how to setup, customize and share a Swipe Quiz through your experience.

How do I create a Personality Test ?

Entertain your audience and promote a product thanks to the Personality test.

How do I create a Kicking game

Make funny experiences with a Kicking game

How do I create a Fortune wheel game ?

Reveal the rewards in the bot with a wheel of fortune game.

How to create rewards

Create the rewards for the promotion you want to organize

How to create an Instant win?

Discover how to add Instant Win contests for your promotion

How to create a Sweepstake?

Discover how to add Sweepstake contests for your promotion.

Experiences & content

How to automatically open and close my experience?

Set some dates and hours in order to open/close your game

How do I customize a default theme and create my own theme?

Design your experience with your own font, colors and graphic charter

How to create a multilingual experience?

Follow this video tutorial to create a multilingual experience.

How to use the conditional navigation

Discover how to block access to specific screens.

How can I interconnect Fastory to my SFTP server?

This addon allows you to send data from Fastory directly to your SFTP server.

How can I close an experience?

You game is over and you want to block the content? Follow the guide!

How do I use my custom domain on a Fastory experience?

Discover how to customize the url of your game and to replace story.tl

How can I test my experience without publishing it?

Discover how to test your experience internally without having to publish it.

How can I add my own typography?

Add you own typography in three simple steps

How do I remove the Fastory branding?

Discover how Fastory branding can be remove, so you can put forward your brand in your experience.

How to insert the competition rules in an experience?

How to add the rules of the game.

How to stick a CTA button?

Stick a button at the bottom of the screen so that users don’t have to scroll down.

How to create link between screens?

Use the internal navigation button to redirect users towards a specific screen and create navigation paths inside your experience.

How to use the Leaderboard

Seasonal headlines

Browse through headlines and animations and try out seasonal headlines!

How do I customize a Cover?

Learn how to create an immersive and engaging welcome screen

How do I add music to my experience?

Add music to your experience to make it more immersive

How do I use the embed feature?

Bring traffic into your website from your Fastory microsite or landing page thanks to the embed feature.

How do I set up a button?

Learn how to set up a button.

Image, Video & Media Loader

Add images, GIFs, videos and more to your content

How to display a countdown on my experience ?

Discover how to use the countdown feature

How to display or hide a screen of my experience ?

Use the screen planification feature to display/hide it

Conversational chatbot

How to create conversational paths in the bot?

Display different messages depending on the users answers

How to link a chatbot to an experience?

Set up your bot to open it automatically on one of your screens

Why add a Google Login in the Bot of your experience?

Retrieve the informations about the participant in a faster way with the Google Login feature

How to add a webhook to Fastory?

Send data towards a custom URL with the webhook feature

How can I delete participation data?

Delete participants from your database

How can I get the data collected with the chatbot?

Download a csv file with all the data you collected

How do I create and collect Opt-ins?

To comply with GDPR rules, add an opt-in question to your bot conversation

How to use the bot pre-filling feature

How to insert a button in the bot ?

Insert different types of CTA’s inside the bot to redirect your audience towards your channels.

How to use the barcode scan in your bot ?

Use the barcode question for users to scan their products or loyalty cards.

How do I pin a Bot and what can I use it for?

Display your Bot on all the screens of your experiences to collect data continuously.

How to collect user media uploaded in the chatbot

How do I set up my bot?

Insert your Bot directly into your content in order to collect data with custom questions.

Data transmission via URL

Automatically retrieve certain users information.

How to customize bot message based on player score?

Improve the user experience by customizing the conversational bot of your experience based on the score achieved by the player.