How to use the barcode scan in your bot ?

Use the barcode question for users to scan their products or loyalty cards.

You can add the option to scan a barcode directly into your bot for users to scan their products or loyalty cards for example.

How does it work?

When creating your bot, you can ask the participants of your experiment to enter or scan a barcode. They will find out if their product is eligible for the list of your products and if they can participate in the contest you will set up.


1. Add the barcode question

  • Add a new question in the bot by selecting the Barcode question
Notion image
  • Write the message and the error message in case the barcode is not valid.
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2. Import your CSV file in the bot

You can import a .csv file with eligible barcode directly in the question. If the user scan a barcode that is part of the csv file you uploaded, the conversation will follow. If not, the user will be stuck at the barcode question.

  • Click on Code
  • Then on Import your .csv
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3. Retrieve the barcodes of your participants

You can retrieve all the barcodes that participants have sent from the game. To do so:

  • go to the audience page
  • in edit table, select code
  • then export

4. Question behavior in the bot

This is how the barcode question looks like in the conversation:

Notion image
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