How do I create a Swipe Quiz?

Find out how to setup, customize and share a Swipe Quiz through your experience.


Challenge your audience with a fun Swipe Quiz.


Creating a Swipe Quiz

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to create a Swipe Quiz:

  • select the Microsite format;
  • add a new screen in the timeline;
  • choose "Swipe Quiz".

You'll need to ask a question on the intro page, and then your audience will have to guess if the images are correct or wrong, by swiping right or left.

Swipe Quiz process

The Swipe Quiz has three key steps: the intro, the game and the lose/win screen.

Notion image

Intro: the game's welcome screen, where you describe the goal of the game and the prizes to win.

Game: when users play and swipe.

Lose or win: the final screen, where you thank the participants and drive them to next screen of your experience.


Change style and settings

You can customize your cards, by adding images and tick the box of the correct answers:

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Image formats

Cards: 600x800px

Icons on the right or wrong answer cards: 512x512px

You can also change:

  • the game duration;
  • the "correct answer" and "incorrect answer" button images, if you enable custom buttons;
  • the colors.

Time trial option

By activation the time trial option, there is no longer good or bad answers, the goal of the game is to swipe the cards the faster you can before the end of the chronometer.

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Your turn to play! 🎲

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