How to automatically open and close my experience?

Set some dates and hours in order to open/close your game

Plan the beginning and ending date of your experience


You have the possibility to plan the automatic publication and depublication of your experience.

  • click on settings in the left sidebar
  • select the tab game planification
Notion image
  • choose the time zone
  • select the date and hour of opening
  • select the date and hour of closing
  • write the message that will display when the game is closed. This message will replace the start button of your experience.
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  • Go to the publish tab of the studio
  • Choose the url of your experience and publish

The users will be able to participate to the game on the period range you set.

After the closing date, the message that you previously set will replace the start button:

Notion image

You can also erase the date and hour you selected with the DatePicker :

  • Click on the calendar of the date you want to erase
  • Click on Erase
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Add a countdown


You can also plan a countdown in order to generate virality around your experience.


Hide/Display a screen


You have the ability to plan the display of one or several screens of your experience.

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