Experiences Vocabulary

Here is a lexicon that will help you understand the Fastory platform.

Fastory Experience


This is a full mobile experience, composed by one or more screens (one screen for Landing Pages).You can add as much screens as you want and reorganize their order. For this, just select the screen you want to move, then drag and drop it in the timeline.




We call "screens" the items that constitute your experience:

Notion image

Screens' types


For experiences, you can choose from different screens' types:

  • content;
  • website preloader;
  • games (Swipe Quiz, Memory Game, Toss Game, Kicking Game, Runner Game, Swipe Poll, Trivia Quiz, Voting Contest, Selfie Contest);
  • etc.



Components are different types of content you can add on screens, for the experience to be as immersive as possible.

Below, you'll find the screenshot of our components' list:

Notion image

If you want to know how to add and set the components' layout, you can read our article about adding and organizing components.


Animated Cover


A cover is a full screen component composed by an animated headline and a background video or picture. You can add it at any location of your experience.

We provide you with a gallery containing dozens of covers to help you fasten the creation process, but you can obviously customize them : learn how to customize covers.

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The Bot feature enables you to start a conversation with your audience and collect their data. Learn how to set up your Bot and increase your conversion rate!




We call "Hub" the space where you can find all your experiences. You can share the Hub with a URL, or integrate it directly into your website to increase the number of views.

Click here to know more about Hub and the Hub light.




We call "studio" your dashboard. From there, you can see the screens' timeline and access a lot of menus, which will enable you create a unique experience your fans will remember with delight:

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A workspace is like a folder where you can create and manage your experiences. One is created by default when you sign up. You can rename it, create a new one and invite your colleagues. Discover more about how to deal with workspaces, and how to invite co-workers.

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