How to add a webhook to Fastory?

Send data towards a custom URL with the webhook feature

Why using a webhook?


From your Fastory account, you can send the data collected by your contests towards the URL of your choice.

You need to create this URL in the first place.

Then, you'll be able to send the data towards your servers or web service.

In which cases can I use a webhook?

  • You need to treat data on your end in order to record scores on your server, synchronize data, login users...
  • You need to trigger a script after specific bot questions (for example sending emails) or Zapier

Add-on activation


Follow these steps:

  • From your workspace, go to the add-ons page
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  • Click on the search bar and type webhook
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Informations: if you don't have access to this add-on, click on "Contact us" and fill in the form. You'll be contacted by our team (the webhook add-on can be taken in option to your plan).

Webhook settings

Once the add-on is activated:

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  • Go to Settings in your workspace
  • Go to Integrations
  • Click on the settings of the webhook

A window appears with the setting options:

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  • Specify the Token and add your custom URL. The token allows to safely authorize the requests sent to the URL.
  • Then click on Test the connection

If the answer says Ok, the connection succeeded. You can now send Fastory data to your custom URL.

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If the answer says Error, the connection failed and an error message has been sent to the API.

At the same time, this connection test will send a standard answer to your API and you'll need to check if there is an error on your side.

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Endpoints from bot questions


Once the connection succeeded, you can specify the endpoints in a bot question.

This endpoint will be added at the end of the URL your just specified in the add-on settings. You can collect the specific data to this question and send them to you custom URL.


The steps to follow:

  • In your workspace, go to Experiences
  • Choose the experience in which you want to collect data
  • Click on Edit
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In the studio:

  • Click on the bot tab
  • Select the bot of your choice
  • Select the bot from which you want to retrieve the data
  • click on settings
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When you are on the bot settings:

  • Select Custom URL in Send to
  • In Custom URL entered in the add-on will appear the URL that you have previously added in the add-on
  • Choose the mode
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Send my data after a specific question


This mode allows you to collect a large amount of data from the bot and send it to your URL in a single request. The sending of this request can be triggered at the end of a question for example.

To do this, you need to :

  • go to the parameters of the question that will trigger the sending of the data
  • check the box choose this question but be careful you can check only one question.
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Send my data after each question


This allows you to send the data to your URL for each question answered by the participant. The data is instantly sent to your URL.

If you have chosen this mode, you need to add an endpoint. To do so:

  • select the question you want
  • add the specific path (ex:

This endpoint will be added at the end of the URL you just specified in the add-ons settings. You will be able to retrieve the data specific to this question and send it to your Custom URL.

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Informations : Currently, the add-on can only be used with the answers given to the bot, the contests and the games.
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