How to link a chatbot to an experience?

Set up your bot to open it automatically on one of your screens


You have 2 options to open your bot on your experience and collect the data you need:

  • automatically open the bot on a screen
  • open the bot with a button

1. Automatically open the bot


Go to the settings of your bot and click on no experience linked.

  • Choose trigger an experience
  • Select your experience
  • And the screen you want to target to automatically open the bot

You can open the bot on several screens by clicking on the blue plus button.

Notion image
  • Click on: Ok then save changes and publish

2. Open the bot with a button

Go to the screen where you want to open the bot.

  • Click on the + to open the components and choose bot button
Notion image
  • In the settings, select your bot sequence:
Notion image
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