How do I add music to my experience?

Add music to your experience to make it more immersive

You have two ways of adding music to your experience to make it more immersive.

The audio component

In the Pro, Business and Enterprise, you have access to an audio component. You can import your own mp3s or search your track in the Deezer library. To do so, you need to add the component audio on your screen:

Notion image

You can decide if you want to enable autoplay and/or sound loop.

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All the tracks included in the Deezer library are subject to copyright. Make sure you have the rights before using the tracks.

Music in the bot

You can insert mp3 sounds directly in your questions:

Notion image

You just need to click on "media" in your bot message:

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Spotify embed

You can integrate a Spotify player directly in your experience.

Follow the steps of this article to add it


Youtube embed

You can also integrate youtube videos to your content by using the same embed component.

Follow the guide here.



You can generate meta images for your mp3 sounds thanks to this website:

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