How do I create a Fortune wheel game ?

Reveal the rewards in the bot with a wheel of fortune game.

In this article we detail step by step how to creat a Fortune wheel game in Fastory.

This mechanism takes place exclusively in the bot: GIFs will simulate the effect of a wheel and give the result to the player thanks to an Instant win.


Follow this guide 🤗

1. Select Fortune wheel template

Notion image

The experience is composed by 1 or multiple screens and one chatbot.

Before setting the game, you have to realize some graphic assets :

Warning : for all the GIFs, dont use a transparent backround. If you want the GIF to have no backround, you should use a grey backround with this color : EDEFF2
  • a video in 9/16 format in which we see the wheel spinning
Notion image
  • a zoomed GIF of the infinitely spinning wheel (560x420 px)
Notion image
  • A GIF of the infinitely spinning wheel with a “?” (560x420px)
Notion image
  • a GIF of the wheel stopping on a gift part with a “Won” message (800x600px)
Notion image

Once you have these assets, you can set up the game.


2. Content screen


In the content screen, insert a Cover component and upload the 9/16 Wheel video in this component. You can add some text or animation on this same cover.

On the same screen, add a component “Bot Button” (it will allow you to start the bot just after the clic).

Link the bot to this button and check “stick to the bottom”.

Customise the text in the button. For example : “Spin the Wheel”


3. Bot

  • Custom the first messages of the bot and the following chat. It must be at least one email question for the Wheel to work.

Optional: You can add a single-choice question to make the user feel like they're spinning the wheel.

Notion image
  • Add the Instant win question type, and add the infinitely spinning wheel with the “?”
Notion image
  • Go in Messages :

Win message : Customise the message that appears when the user win

Lose message : Customise the message that appears when the user lose and add a lose GIF by clicking on Media

Notion image

4. Rewards


Go in the rewards part of your workspace and create all the rewards and prizes you want to offer in this Fortune wheel. Give it names (visible to winners) and assign quantities.

Follow this article to learn how to create the rewards.


For the image, you have 2 possibilities :

  • a GIF of the wheel stopping on a gift part with a “Won” message (800x600px)
  • an image of the prize that won the user

This choice depend on what you want the user to see when he wins.


5. Contest

  • Assign your rewards to the contest
  • select the dates and distribute the allocations over the period.
  • Validate

6. Last step !

Go back in the bot and select the instant win contest :

Notion image

Here it is ! You set up your Fortune wheel game 👏 !

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