How to set a game for a public event, fair or an internal company game?

A game shared internally or in a public place requires special settings

This type of game requires a special attention as the conditions can be challenging ( (bad internet connexion, old terminal, simultaneous connections...).

If you're launching:

  • an internal game in your company
  • a game on a fair
  • a game in a public place (terminal, qr code, tablet...)

Then you're at the right place! Here are the steps to ensure a smooth running of the game:


Bot settings


You imperatively need to activate the bot option that allows the automatic loading of the game as well as the generation of unique VisitorID for each player (otherwise, data will be erased, specifically in the case when participants play on a terminal or on a single tablet).

  • Go to the bot section and click on settings then activate the option This sequence will be used during an event or in a public place
Notion image
  • Save and Publish

2. Deactivation of IP anti-spam


By default, an IP anti-spam prevents users playing too many times in a few minutes to participate. It allows us to limit cheating. In your case, this will be a problem as a large part of your users will participate with the same IP.

If you activate the bot option above seen in 1., the IP anti-spam will automatically be deactivated.

However, don't hesitate to contact us at support if you want to make sure.

3. Test, test and test


We will never repeat it enough: test it!

As far as possible, make sure you're using the most recent terminals and tablets in order to avoid compatibility issues.

Use Chrome browser with its latest version.

Test your game on the spot as well as the data collection in audience, the internet connexion...

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