How do I use my custom domain on a Fastory experience?

Discover how to customize the url of your game and to replace

What is a custom domain and what is it used for?

The custom domain allows you to replace the "" part of your game URL with the domain name of your choice.

First, you must purchase your domain name.

Request for add-on activation

Follow the steps:

  • From your workspace, go to the Add-ons page
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  • Click on the search bar and type Custom Domain (CNAME)
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Information: if you do not have access to this add-on, please contact us by clicking on the Contact us button and filling out the activation request form. You will then be contacted by our team (the custom domain can be taken as an option in your subscription).


Setting up the custom domain


Once the add-on is activated, you will need to send us the domain name you purchased so that we can add it to our servers.

We will then generate a DNS key that we will send to you. You will need to create a redirection in your custom domain settings towards the DNS.

  • Go to the add-on page and click on the 3 small dots next to the Remove button
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  • Add your custom domain name (without https:// just the domain name, for example: contest.brand)
  • If you don't fill in the box Redirect towards a microsite, the URL of your custom domain will redirect towards your Hub. However, you can redirect to a specific microsite by filling in this field, for example: competition-christmas
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  • Validate and it's done!

Now, when you publish your games, the URL of the customizable domain will be automatically integrated.

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