How does the Analytics page work?

The Analytics page is an important part of your workspace as it allows you to follow the performances of your experiences. Discover how it works.

1. Organization of the Analytics page


The Analytics page of your workspace allows you to follow several indicators in real time to analyze the performance of your experiences.

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You will find in the dashboard on the left of the screen:

  • An overview;
  • User details;
  • The statistics relating to the bot of your experiments;
  • The data related to the CTA (call-to-action) of your experience;
  • The statistics on the games present in your experiences.

Each of these menus will provide you with datas from different angles regarding the performance of your experiment.

See the detailed articles above for each menu to find out how it works.


2. How to use the Analytics page

A. How to Filter the page

The Analytics page displays by default all the statistics of all your experiments, since the creation of your workspace. However, you can filter these elements to get more specific data.

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You can filter the page according to:

  • Experiences: You can choose to display the statistics of one or more experiences.
  • The country: You can choose to display the statistics by country.
  • The channel: You can choose to display statistics by broadcast channel.
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  • The period: You can choose the period you want to display. It is by default set to all the time, but you can choose:
    • The last hour
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last year
    • Custom range: you can choose the range you want by choosing the start and end date using the calendar.
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B. Share a graph


Different graphs are available in the different tabs of the Analytics page.

For all graphs, you can share them easily by following these different steps:

  • Click on the title of a graph. A small “” appears to indicate that the graph link has been copied.
  • Send the URL automatically copied to your clipboard to your collaborator. He will be automatically redirected to this graph with an animation that will highlight it.
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