How do I create a Piano game

Captivate your audience with a speed game

How does it work?

The game consists in pressing the "black keys of the piano" as fast as possible with the music of your choice in the background. Here agility and speed are put to the test!

To get a high score, you must be precise when you press the "keys". The more precise you are, the higher your score.

You play within a time limit of 90 seconds. If you keep all your lives, the game continues in a loop until the "keys" finally escape you!


Create a piano game

From the Experience page of your workspace:

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  • Click on Microsite
  • Choose Piano Game via the search engine
  • Click on Start

Flow of the game

There are 3 stages in this game:

Intro: the welcome screen of the game, where you introduce the purpose of the game as well as the prizes.

Game: the game screen.

Lost or won: the end screen, where you thank the participants and redirect them to the next screen of your experience.


Customize the style and settings of the game


Game screen

  • add a Youtube video link
  • set when the music should start in "Start at" (in seconds)
  • change the images, the color of the keys and/or the background of your game
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Settings and difficulty level

  • customize the number of lives,
  • regulate the score to reach,
  • enable/disable acceleration
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What is the purpose of acceleration?

By default, the "Acceleration" option is activated and will be visible to the player after 90 seconds (if they manage to pass the first three levels :)

As the player continues in the game, each level will speed up. This will increase the difficulty of the game sequence and challenge the player.


Level of difficulty:

Easy: 100% of the speed at the beginning of the game sequence

Medium: 125% of the speed at the beginning of the sequence of the game

Difficult: 150% of the speed at the beginning of the game sequence


How to add a Youtube video?

  • add the link of the video in the URL > add the link of your youtube video in the URL setting
  • define when the song should start (in seconds)
  • optional: display the Youtube account of the song
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Your video must be in public mode or/and not listed in the Youtube video settings.

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Playing on computer

It is possible to play directly on your computer (without using your mobile). The rules of the game are the same. Use the keys of your keyboard (F,G,H,J) to press "the black keys of the piano".

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Jouer sur Mobile


Start your game by clicking on the Youtube video, it's your turn to play!

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