How to use the Leaderboard


How does it work?

The Leaderboard allows you to know your ranking compared to other players and to find out your score at the end of a game! You can also find out if you are one of the top 3 players.

NB: the selfie contest and voting contest cannot contain a Leaderboard. There is no score associated with these two games.

1. Add the Leaderboard to your experience

Once you have chosen your game, you must add the Leaderboard to your experience.

From the studio, in lost screen and/or won screen :

  • click on the + button
  • click on Leaderboard
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2. Leaderboard settings

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  • Show Podium: the top 3 players do not appear;
  • Number of items: the top 3, 5 or 10 players are displayed;
  • Linked game: Linked Game: Choose the game from your experience that is linked to the Podium;
  • Text to display when there is no score: add a text when there is no participation or score.

3. Add the Leaderboard on the bot of your experience


The Leaderboard should finally appear on your Bot so that it is visible when you win or lose the game.

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  • click on the attribute
  • add a question like: what is your nickname?
  • save and put online
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With Google login

Another option is available to avoid entering the question: what is your nickname? Logging in with your Google account saves time for the participant and avoids answering this question manually.

The settings are finalized, you can start playing!

4. Start the game

The Experience is open and the participant can start participating. No matter if he wins or loses, the participant can add his nickname in the bot question and see it appear in the leaderboard with his score and ranking.

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Your position on the Leaderboard

Your name is Julie and you have participated in a game. In this example, the best score in the game is 2871 points and it is sylvainw who broke the record. As for you, you are in 27th place and your score is 41 points.

Note : If 2 people reach the exact same score, then the first person who played will be displayed first even if the second person was faster.
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It's your turn now 😉

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