What kind of games can I add to my experience?

Discover the addicting games available for your experiences !

Games & Contests on Fastory

Fastory lets you craft innovative and interactive mobile experiences. Games are one of the tools we offer to help you reach your engagement goals

What experience can include games?

Games can be included in experiences. To do so, simply click on the New Screen button and select the game you would like to add to your experience. You can add a game at the beginning, at the middle or at the end of your experience.

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Available Games & Contests

You'll find the list of available games below. Click on a game to go to its associated article and learn more about it!

  • Swipe Quiz;
  • Trivia quiz;
  • Memory Game;
  • Toss Game;
  • Kicking Game;
  • Runner Game;
  • Selfie Contest;
  • Swipe Poll;
  • Voting Contest.

Games process

All games have a similar flow, with three key steps: the intro, the game, and the outro.

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Intro: the game's welcome screen, where you can explain the goal of the game and the prizes to win.

Game: where users can play.

Outro: the game's end screen (some games have a Win or Loose screen), where you can thank participants and redirect them to the next screen of your experience or an external website.

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