How do I set up a button?

Learn how to set up a button.

1. Share button


With this feature, your audience will be able to share your experience by email, on their Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and/or Twitter account.

This is the opportunity to increase your campaign's visibility and to collect new leads.


Setting up a share button:

  • in the component part, select the Share icon;
  • in the left-hand side menu, you can now set up the text, settings and styles of your button.
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2. Social media button

In the component part, select the Button icon.

This feature will enable you to boost the traffic on your website, Landing Page, social media.

  • Insert the link to your site or your social networks in the dedicated box, by checking the external URL box

Choose the Call-to-Action you want from the left-hand menu:

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Note: for Selfie Contests, those buttons will appear in the gallery, at the bottom right corner of the photos.
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3. Classic button

In the component part, select the Button icon.

You can link your button to any external website through the URL. The style part enables you designing and customizing the button with your brand's colors.

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4. Bot button

In the component part, select the Bot icon.

This button enables the user to open the Bot manually. Select the Bot you want to link it with:

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