Why add a Google Login in the Bot of your experience?

Retrieve the informations about the participant in a faster way with the Google Login feature

When you create a Bot in your experiment, you need to ask your participants questions. For example : "we need your email ?".

The Google Login add-on allows you to retrieve from the Bot, this information in a faster way while saving time for your participants.

1. Add the Google login button

From the studio of your experience:

  • go to Bot
  • add a message of type Email
  • click on Add a button
  • Edit button (button title)
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2. Behaviors on the Bot with the Google connection

A - With the email question


The Google login is very useful because it allows you to pre-fill the email question without having to ask the user.

NB: only the email is disclosed with the use of Google Login. Other personal information will not be transmitted.
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B - With the Leaderboard

(You can also consult the article : how to create a leaderboard?)

Thanks to the connection with Google Login :

  • the first name, the first letter of the name and the email of the participant will be retrieved;
  • the question "Podium" for which the pseudonym is requested becomes optional.

The leaderboard will be complete and customized!

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General recommendation:

We recommend that you add the email question as high up as possible in the Bot conversation so that the connection with Google Login is successful.

It's up to you, don't hesitate to contact us for any questions :)

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