How to choose a suitable template?

Save time and use predefined and suitable templates.

When creating your experience, several templates are available in your account. These templates are predefined and contain visuals to inspire you.

Their purpose is to help you save a lot of time when creating your experience.

Note : Templates are customizable. You can change an image, a background, a font, add a new game screen.

Don't forget to create an experience that reflects your brand!

1. Access templates

  • From the Experience page click on Microsite
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2. Choose a template


You can select a game template by filtering by top experience or objectives.

Top experience : the most used game templates

Objectives : the game templates adapted to your business objectives

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Once the template is chosen :

  • click on Start
  • give a name to your experience

3. Customize your template

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  • Choose your screens and customize them (background, text, image, etc.)

4. Add a screen to your experience

You can add game screens to your template from the studio of your experience.


To do this, click on "+" and choose your game screen.

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Don't hesitate to ask us for any questions, we are here to answer them!

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