How do I create a Kicking game

Make funny experiences with a Kicking game

Creating a kicking game

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to create a Kicking game:

  • select the Microsite format;
  • add a new screen in the timeline;
  • choose "Kicking game".

You need to kick the object (ball or other) to the moving target and get the highest score possible in a limited time.

Kicking game process

The Kicking game has three key steps: the intro, the game and the lose/win screen.

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Intro: the game's welcome screen, where you describe the goal of the game and the prizes to win.

Game: where users play.

Lose or win: the final screen, where you thank the participants and drive them to next screen of your experience.

Change style and settings

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You can customize your game and change the following pictures:

  • the background image, which takes up the entire screen;
  • the ball;
  • the target;
  • the goalkeeper (can be disabled);
  • a thrown object (can be disabled);
  • the goal front;
  • the goal back.

Images formats

Background : 1999x1999px

Ball : 80x80px

Target : 50x50px

Goal front : 320x200px

Goal back : 222x130px

Goalkeeper : 50x120px

Flying object : 60x60px

Particles : 32x32px


In the Settings tab you can also:

  • change the time limit;
  • set the score to reach;
  • disable flying object and goalkeeper;
  • change the colors.

Your turn to play! ⚽

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