Does Fastory provide a native experience?

The experience is native: you can create content easily for all your social channels... plus you can reach people who don't use apps.


Yes! The experience is native when you upload your Video Story Ads on Snapchat or Instagram.


To do so, follow those steps:

  • create a Video Story Ads on Fastory (to make sure that your story and its components will be compatible with Snapchat and Instagram stories);
  • publish your story;
  • open your mailbox with your mobile. Tada! You've received an email with files to download;
  • open the Instagram or Snapchat app;
  • waste 10 minutes of your time reading stories and snaps, liking or commenting pictures, just like each time you open these apps 😬;
  • upload files we've sent you to create a native experience. You're done!

The real point is that you’ll no longer have to manage different formats, size, file types, creation tool, etc., that change for every media.


And, last but not least, our experiences can be played out across major social media channels thanks to a simple link... which enables you reaching people who don’t use the apps.

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