In which channels can I share my experience?

You can share your experience on several channels. Discover it now

Your experience is a microsite, meaning that it is accessible with a link and on web page (with an internet connexion).

The avantage is that you can share it on a great variety of channels and therefore multiply points of contact with your target.


1. In which channels share your experience

A. Share your experience on social media


You should privilege sponsored posts on social media in order to guarantee an important traffic on the experience.

On every social media platform, the experience will open on a webview of the app so that the user doesn't have to leave it. He can then navigate easily and go back to the social media page once he finished the game.


As an organic or sponsored post, most of the formats are performing when it comes to share a Fastory experience.

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As a Swipe-up link in a Story (organic or sponsored) or in bio.



As an organic or sponsored post.

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As an organic or sponsored post.



As an organic or sponsored post.


B. On a website

You can integrate your experience in iframe on a website or blog page.

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C. By email

With a CTA in a newsletter for example.


D. By sms

With a link integrated on the SMS.


E. In a push notification

With a link integrated on the notification.


F. On a physical site (points of sale, fair, giant screen...)

With a printed QR code or a QR code broadcasted live on a giant screen.

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2. Personalized the meta properties


The meta properties of your experience will be extremely important when you’ll share your experience on your social media pages. Indeed, by personalizing them you will define how your publication will be displayed on your pages :

  • Go to the Publish tab of your experience
  • Personalize the meta properties by choosing : the title, the description and the image for your published experience

UTMs are variables inserted into a link, in order to be able to track where users come from, in a very precise way.

After publishing your experience, you will be able to share on each of your channel a link with UTMs which will allow you to identify the sources of your audience for example.


The links in the Publish tab are default links with the URL of your game and a Source UTM that you can share directly. You can also insert your own UTMs if needed.

Notion image

We strongly recommend you to use UTMs, which allow you to make preciser analysis of your game analytics and performance.

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