How to create a powerful bot and maximize data collection?

Create an interactive and user-friendly Bot!

We offer you a best practices guide to create an efficient and optimized Bot that gives you every chance to have a successful data collection!

1. Humanize and personalize your Bot

The participant must feel that he/she is interacting with a real person and that the exchange is above all interactive and user-friendly.

  • Use common phrases;
  • Add emojis, giph, videos etc. Make the dialogue warm and visual;
  • Customize your Bot with your brand image. Ex: an avatar with your logo or photos of your brand.

2. Questions yes ... but incentive!


The questions should reassure or make you want to continue browsing your Bot. To do this:

  • Do not create too many questions to avoid boring the participant. Count on 10 questions maximum;
  • Remember to add the Ignore option when asking for personal information (phone, date of birth). For mandatory questions/answers, do not add the option;
  • Avoid long, multi-line questions (unless really necessary);
  • Ask qualitative questions if necessary. Try to find out more about your participants (preferences and consumption habits, typical profile, already a customer of your brand or not, etc.);
  • Consider benefit-oriented questions when requesting consent (add opt-in)
    • Examples: Receive our latest offers, receive the latest online contests ...

  • Avoid blocking terms: "newsletters", "buy now".

Regarding the email question...


Among your questions, the one concerning the email request is very important! It requires special attention ...

The question "what is your email? " must :

  • appear at the very beginning of the conversational bot.
    • The sooner you ask for his email, the sooner you will have the chance to collect his data (email) and target him later.

Example: If a participant decides to close the Bot after the 2nd question and your email question was in 5th place. You lose the opportunity to target them at the beginning of the exchange.

Notion image
  • We recommend that the email question be followed by the Opt-in question;
  • You are required to ask your participants for consent to use their email.

Concerning the opt-in ...


This question is mandatory for RGPD compliance:

  • but you can also choose to add the Ignore option if the person wants to skip the question;
  • you can prompt to accept the opt-in consent as here:
Notion image
Notion image

Phone number


In the bot, you can ask the participants to give their phone number. After the email question for example. With the number formatting that you find in the bot settings, you can :

  • save them time by previewing the number format they want to enter
  • choose a default country
  • provide them with a list of all possible countries to pre-fill their number
Notion image

Otherwise, activate the option automatically detect the country : In the Experience :

  • display the number format of the country where the participant is located at the time of the game
Notion image

End your Bot with a bang...


Add an end message that redirects participants to your web page, social networks or other to increase your chances of converting.

3. Position your Bot in the right place!

Always remember to place your Bot at the end of your game. This avoids being a barrier to participation in the game.

Here it is in your hands :) you have all the right cards to create a qualitative Bot!


But don't worry, we are here to help you if you have any question. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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