How do I create a Swipe Poll?

Creating a Swipe Poll

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to create a Swipe Poll:

  1. select the Microsite format;
  1. add a new screen in the timeline;
  1. choose "Swipe Poll".

As it’s a poll, there is no good or bad answer. The player has to swipe left or right to give his opinion.


Swipe Poll process

The Swipe Poll has three key steps: the intro, the game and the outro.

Notion image

Intro: the game's welcome screen, where you describe the goal of the game and the prizes to win.

Game: where users play.

Outro: the final screen, where you thank the participants and drive them to next screen of your experience.


Change style and settings

You can customize :

  • the images of the cards and their description;
  • the "swipe-left" and "swipe-right" images;
  • the background image;
  • the colors (background, header, font);
  • the game duration.
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