How do I create a Personality Test ?

Entertain your audience and promote a product thanks to the Personality test.

How does it work ?


In this game, you offer users cards with different statements that describe a trait, a hobby, an activity. The user then swipes the different cards to the left or right according to their preferences. He finally discovers the result of the Test directly in the bot.

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Intro : the first screen of the game, on which you can present the goal of the game and the prizes

Game : the game screen

Lose ou Win : the last screen of the game, on which you can thank the players and redirect them to the following screen of your experience.

For a Personality Test, there is no winner or loser. The Lose and Win screen being unseparable, you’ll have to customize them indentically.

Game setting

Several steps are necessary to set up the Personality Test.


1. Create the Personality

The first step is to set up the different personalities.


  • In this file, you must complete each column :
    • Personality” : Create the list of the different personalities. Their number is unlimited
    • Total”: Indicate the number of card per each personnality
    • Points / card” : The number of points of each card must not be modified. It is used for a specific algorithm.
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  • And for the lines :
    • Complete the titles “Affirmation 1”, “Affirmation 2”… with the different statements that will appear on the cards.
    • Indicate with a “1” the personality related to the statement.
A card / statement must be related to only one personality. So in the file, the “1” must be put to only one personality for each statement.
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  • When the board is completed, you can add the description of each personality in the “Personality” tab. You’ll have to indicate the name of the file which contain the corresponding image.
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Finally, you will have to send us the file for validation, and also the files containing the illustration images of each personalities.


2. Create the mini game in the plateforme


When the file is validated, you can start to customize the game from a Swipe quiz template :

  • Customize the lose or win
  • Add the different cards containing the statements in the Cards tab in the Settings of the game on the left side of the studio. To do this:Add the cards (while respecting the format of 600x800px)
    • Check the box Correct answer for all added cards
    • Indicate the points that each card awards, which you had previously recorded in the excel file.
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  • Within the Settings menu, you will need to uncheck all options except for the Show close button
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3. Customize the Conversational Bot

The result of the personality test will be displayed in the conversational bot. In order for users to discover this result, you must create a conversational bot.

Your bot must start with a Simple Message so that the result is displayed correctly.

You can also add CTA buttons in the bot after the personality result in order to redirect to the personality screen (see step 4) or to take users to a product page or other.

No other specificity is necessary for the rest of your bot, you can customize it normally.

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4. Create a screen for each personality (Optional)

After creating your Personality Test, you can add additional screens to your experience to allow users to discover the other existing personalities and their descriptions. To do this:

  • Add a content screen by clicking on the + button in the list of screens in your experience located at the top.
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  • Customize the screen with the image of the personality along with its description
  • Insert a CTA button to invite the user to take a new test
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In-Game Behavior

After creating the Personality Test, please contact us so that a script can be added by our teams. This way, the user can directly discover in the chatbot the personality that is attributed to them based on their choices.

Here is an example:

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Try it directly here: Test Marketing

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