How do I create a Trivia Quiz?

Add fun and interactivity to your experience with a Trivia Quiz

Adding a Trivia Quiz in your experience makes your experience more fun and interactive. Questions can be worded in a way to get your audience's opinion or to help it learn more about your brand.


Creating a Trivia quiz

  1. select the Microsite format;
  1. add a new screen in the timeline;
  1. choose Trivia quiz

Game process


The Trivia quiz has three key steps: the intro, the game, and the outro.

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Intro: the game's welcome screen, where you can explain the goal of the game.

Game: where users can answer your questions.

Outro: the game's end screen, where you can thank participants and redirect them to your marketing channels.


There are several settings you can customize in your Trivia quiz:

  • the question timer;
  • the exit button;
  • the replay button;
  • the header;
  • the question score;
  • correct and wrong answers background.

Answers formats

There a different answers formats available:

  • single choice;
  • multiple choice;
  • text;
  • number;
  • date;
  • sortable words;
  • sortable list.

You can also add a hint, custom timer value or score value for each answer, according to the question's difficulty.

Media specifications

  • Image for a question : 800px x 450px
  • Image for an answer choice : 800px x 450px

You can also add youtube videos inside the questions of the quiz.

Note that these videos won't have the autoplay option on mobile.

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