How to display or hide a screen of my experience ?

Use the screen planification feature to display/hide it

You can schedule some of the screens from your experience so they display at a specific moment. You just have to set up a date of opening and closing.


1. Schedule the display of a screen

  • Click on the screen you want to schedule
  • Go in the settings and in Screen planification
  • Select a time zone
  • Set up the opening and closing dates (out of this dates, the screen will be hidden of your experience)
  • Publish or update your experience
Notion image

By passing your cursor on the calendar in the timeline of the screen, you will find the scheduled dates.

Notion image

2. Hide a screen instantly


You can also hide a screen from the experience without scheduling a date by checking the option hide the screen from the experience in Screen planification

Notion image

3. All the screens hidden


If all the screens from your experience are hidden, this is what will appear when a user will click on your experience :

Notion image
This screen can’t be personalized, it is generic and meets the needs of all users

If you want to display a closing screen with your content, you can let a screen displayed and personalize it as you want :

Notion image

4. Impact on the game URL


Each screen from your experience has its own Url

If you hide and then display one or several screens, the URLs could be modified in game.

Warning : It will impact your game if you added redirects or shared the URL of a specific screen ! We recommend you to share the global URL of your experience that you defined in the Publish tab

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