How can I delete participation data?

Delete participants from your database

Deleting the participation data has the advantage of updating your database which you can find in the Audience page of your workspace.


By resetting, you choose to remove data that was erroneous or added during a test phase. You avoid cluttering your database with useless information.


Concretely, as an example ...

If you want to test your Experience before it goes live, you can :

  • check that the game is working properly;
  • make sure that all test data (email, name, phone number, information about the game) is recorded in your database;
    • Check the Audience page to make sure.

With data deletion, you avoid mixing test data with data sent by your participants.

1. Set up the reset

Before the game goes live, you can delete all this test data directly from your workspace.

To do so, you have to:

  • go to the Experience tab and choose your experience
  • click on "..."
  • click on Reset
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You can :

  • choose the whole experience :
    • the data collected in the Bots of all your Experiences are deleted;

  • choose Screen + Game :
    • the data collected only in this Bot are deleted.

  • choose a period for which data has been added and which you wish to delete.
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2. Behavior on your Audience page


Once the reset is done, the Bot data will no longer appear in the contact record of all your participants.

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However, don't panic, it is normal that despite the deletion, the user is still in your database.

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3. Behavior when exporting a CSV file


When you have deleted the Bot data, it disappears from the CSV file but the information related to your participant remains displayed (name, first name, email etc).


In case of need, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you ;)

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