How do I customize a Cover?

Learn how to create an immersive and engaging welcome screen

The cover is an important element of your experience. You can use it as a welcome screen and it should be immersive and attracting for the user.

To create a perfectly optimized, you should think about:

  • animating the experience with a video background
  • highlighting the prizes to win
  • adding sound on the video
  • adding an animated headline

The cover component is the first thing your audience will see so it’s essential to optimize it in order to avoid important bounce rate.


What elements can I add and edit in a cover?

  • Animated headline
  • Logo
  • Text
  • Background image (My images, Canva, Gif etc.) or video
    • 💡
      NB: if you choose a GIF for your cover and it has a transparent background, you will need to activate the following option (image below). This option allows you to avoid an undesirable background appearing.
      Notion image
  • Background color - opacity can be customized
  • Animated headline - loop can be disabled
  • Swipe Up headline - leads to the next screen or to the bottom of the screen
Notion image
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