How can I share my experience with a QR Code?

Increase the Sharing possibilities with the QR Code

Get your QR code


Once your experience is ready, publish it. Your fans will be able to access it through a URL, which you can customize.


Your fans can also access your experience through a QR Code. For this:

  • go in the upper part of the experience, click on Publish > Share ;
  • hover the "QR code" button, then click on "Download" ;
  • save the QR code in .SVG.
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Scan the QR code

Through iPhone:

Since the release of iOS 11 in 2017, the iPhone integrate a QR Code Reader:

  • open the camera;
  • scan the QR Code until a notification displays;
  • press on the notification to open the QR Code content.

Through Android :

  • go in Google Assistant to open Google Lens;
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  • put the QR Code in front of the camera and wait until a blue point displays;
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  • press on the blue point to open the QR Code content.

Other apps

In general, there is not need to use apps to scan QR Codes, but in case you have an old cell phone and none of the above works, you can still download apps like Barcode Scanner.

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