How can I interconnect Fastory to my SFTP server?

This addon allows you to send data from Fastory directly to your SFTP server.

You want to send the data collected from Fastory to your SFTP server?

Ask us at what is the SFTP Interconnection add-on.

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Once the add-on is activated, you need to fill in the settings by clicking on the settings wheel.

Here is the list of information you'll need to enter: 

  • the address of the server that will receive the data  
  • the user which will be connected  
  • the SSH server port  
  • the path to access the file where we will send the CSV files  
  • the frequency with which you want to collect data (every hour/ every day/ every week), and at what moment of the day or week.  
  • the data that you want to receive: the bot or only the opt-ins.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

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