Data transmission via URL

Automatically retrieve certain users information.

1. How does it work


The Data transmission via Url feature allows you to automatically retrieve information about users of your experience through attributes previously configured in your bot, and keys added to your URL.

Example :


Attributes correspond to data such as first names, email addresses or telephone numbers, which form the columns of user data on Audience.

The keys correspond to the different values that the attributes can take. They complement the corresponding columns in Audience.


2. The attributes you can recover


A. Automatically retrieve a default attribute


You can choose to automatically retrieve the various default attributes that you can find in Audience.

List of default attributes
  • First name
  • Last name
  • email
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Region
  • Country
  • Age
  • Username
  • Company job
  • Company size
  • Company website
For the default attributes (email, username, phone number…), you do not need to configure the bot. The information will be automatically retrieved and viewable in the Audience tab of your workspace. However, you will need to customize the URL with attributes and keys, otherwise the feature will not work.

Example: Retrieving Default Attributes in a Game Embedded in an Application

You want to make your experience accessible from your application or your website in which the user has the possibility to connect (email + password), and you want to retrieve the email addresses of the participants without asking for them via the bot .

The technical team of your application will ensure that the email of the user attached to his account is dynamically passed in the URL.

The URL will then be displayed in the following form:


Thus, when the user accesses your experience from your application on which he will have previously connected, the email addresses of the participants will be automatically transmitted to Fastory and collected in the Audience page of your workspace, in the “email” column.


You will then not need to request this same information through the chatbot, to maintain the user's immersion in the experience.

The data will therefore be recorded without a bot even being open.

In the case of an Instant Winner, users using a valid email address will be able to participate in the contest directly without having to re-enter their email addresses in the chatbot. Our anti-cheat system is however applied, and users using blacklisted email addresses will not be able to participate in the instant win.

B. Create your own custom attribute


You can choose to create your own attribute.

  • Click on Data via Url
Notion image
  • click on the + button
Notion image
  • Write the Label for the attribute that you want to create, as well as the format of the attribute (text, number, date, true or false)
Notion image

Here we have created a “rewards” attribute, “text” format.

In an experience where the user must choose the prize he wants to win between a Samsung or Apple device, you can put 2 redirect buttons with 2 partially different URLs

User data will thus all be retrieved normally in Audience, regardless of the choice of rewards.

But the column rewards of the .csv file will be filled with apple or samsung depending on the user's choice.

3. Custom URL

At the end of the URL you need to add attribute and key like this:

You can also add multiple attributes in the URL separated by &:


4. Get information

In the "bot data" file in Audience, you will find the attributes as well as the keys inserted into the URLs.

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