How to collect user media uploaded in the chatbot


When you decide to integrate a bot in an experience, you can use the feature send proof of purchase.

This feature allows you to retrieve media uploaded by participants such as a proof of purchase ticket that allow them to participate at a contest.


First of all, you can learn the basics of the creation of a bot, read this detailed article

1. Settings of the bot


You can ask to your users to send a photo thanks to the feature “send proof of your purchase"

  • Click on Add a message
  • In the scrolling menu, select Media upload
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  • Then, you can personalize the displayed message and the instant response to the user like the others messages in the bot.
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2. How does it appear in the bot ?

When the user will reach the Media Upload question, he would be able to upload it like this :

  • Click on the Photo button
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  • Then, he can :
    • Take a photo with his smartphone by clicking on the left button;
    • Upload a photo from his gallery by clicking on the right button
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Quels types de médias sont autorisés ?

  • images en JPEG, PNG, GIF animé
  • vidéos mp4, webm
  • audios mp3, wav, x-wave, mpeg

Les formats zip ne sont pas autorisés.

Quel poids et taille maximum doit faire les médias ?

  • images : 8 MB et 2000 px de largeur et de hauteur
  • vidéo : 25 MB
  • audios : 25 MB

3. How can I collect uploaded media in the bot?


Information: your experience must be published. The status "Publish" will allow you to have access to the different attributes collected.

  • From your workspace, go to the audience page
  • Select the bot in the Bots filter
  • Then click on Export
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  • Export the CSV file
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Once the export is done, you will be able to view the uploaded media in your CSV file.

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