Before starting, make sure the "Pre-filling of the bot" add-on is activated on your workspace:

This add-on allows you to insert parameters in the URL and to pre-fill the csv file.

1/ Settings of the bot

Click on "Pre-filling of the bot".

You can use a default attribute or create you own one like here:

In this example we created an attribute called "dotation" as well as 2 keys: samsung and iphone. These keys will be manually inserted in the URL of the game and will automatically fill the "dotation" column in the .csv file.

You don't need to create keys for default attributs, it's only useful for your custom attributes.

Once the bot is set, you need to add the attribute and keys in the URL.

2/ Personalize the URL

At the end of the URL you need to add the attribute and the keys like this:

Example :

You can also add several attributes in the same URL by using & as separations:

Example :

3/ Collect the information

In the "Bot" file in the CRM, you'll find all the attributes as well as the keys inserted in the URL.

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