Adding Optin questions in your experience will enable you to collect usable data. Add Optin questions in the Bot and find their answers in the CRM.

Before You Start

In order to set the Optins, make sure the "Bot" Add-on is enabled:

To find the data into our CRM, also make sure that the "Contacts" Add-on is enabled:

If you can't see the "ON/OFF" button, click on the "Contact us" button of the Add-on in order to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans.

Creating Optin question and adding answer choices

To read again the basics about creating a Bot, click here. Once the Add-on is enabled, you'll be able to create one (or more) Optin questions:

  1. in the drop down menu, select "Optin";
  2. write your text in the dedicated field;
  3. add as much choices as you want.

Our advice is to let the user choose what he wants. You can offer two answers, or one answer and a "skip question" option.

Adding answers

You can add answers to your question. For this:

  1. click on the "+" button next to "Add an answer";
  2. write the text to be displayed;
  3. in the drop down menu, select the Optin you want to associate the answer with, or create the Optin through the "+" button.

Allowing the user to skip a question

You can also allow the user to skip a question. You can activate this through a button at the bottom of the question settings. This way, the user will have the possibility to click on "SKIP" at the bottom of the Bot:

Finding the answers into the CRM

Our CRM offers a lot of possibilities. Among these, you can collect Optins. If you want to know more about the CRM and the data you can extract from there, read our detailed article.

Thanks to the CRM, you can download a CSV file called "Optin":

Here you will find, for all your experiences, the answers to your bot's Optin questions, for the users who accepted the Optin.

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