Fastory works best in the newest and last versions of the following browsers : 

  • Google Chrome;
  • Firefox; 
  • Safari.

Note : ny browsers you use needs to have cookies and Javascript turned on.

Depending on browsers, there can be some limitations. Thus, Fastory:

  • isn't compatible with Internet Export 6 to 11;
  • doesn't work in an optimal manner with Edge: we're currently working on it. 

However, if a user access an experience through one of those browser, a message will ask him to use a more recent browser and its links will enable downloading Chrome, Firefox or Edge. 

What are the compatible browsers?

Fastory platform: 

  • Chrome and Firefox last versions;


  • Desktop : Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari latest version;
  • Mobile : Android and iOs latest version.

Fastory can't be responsible for bugs that you would have using an out-of-date browser or mobile phone. We advise you to update or change browser if this happens.

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