Segment CSV data in Excel

Create a database with your qualified leads, which enables you to send the right message to the right people.


After downloading your CSV file, open it to see the data. A lot of software can read this filetype: OpenOffice, Numbers (for Mac), Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets...


However, according to your Excel version, the data might be unreadable.Here we explain how you can segment the data to get a nice Excel.


How to convert a .csv file in excel

If the display isn't good, as below, you'll have to segment data:


1. Open your file

2. Segment data into columns

  • Select column A
  • Click on the Data tab
  • And then on Convert
  • Select Limited (first choice of the list)
  • Then press Next
  • Select Comma
  • Then click Next
  • Select General
  • And then End

Your data is now segmented in various columns!


My excel display special symbols instead of letters with accents...

  • Open an empty sheet by clicking on file then import
  • Select csv then import your csv file
  • Modify the character encoding and select Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Tick the first 3 options
  • Then click on end
  • Choose the first cell to display you data in the sheet
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