How to set up the data sending to Salesforce

Send automatically the data collected to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud list.

Before setting the data sending, you need to interconnect your Fastory and Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts. To do so, follow the guide here.


You want to automatically send the data collected by the bot to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud list? Follow the guide:

Create the list and attributes inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud


1/ Login to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and click on Email Studio then Email

Notion image

2/ In the menu, click on Subscribers then Data Extensions

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3/ On the right bottom corner, click on Create Data Extension and select New

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This will allow you to create a list in which all the data collected and interconnected will be transferred.


4/ Choose Standard Data Extension and give it a name for example: Fastory_Bot_Test. Click on Next.


5/ Don't change any parameter in the Data Retention section and go the next one.


6/ You will need to create attributes in order to identify the different data collected and to know what they correspond to.

Important: you will need to create a specific attribute: the visitor Id. To do so, name it exactly like this: visitorId (respect uppercases and lowercases)
  • The Data Type must be: text.
  • Tick the Primary key box on this same line.
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7/ Then you can add all the attributes that you would like to receive in your list. For each attribute, give it a name and tick the box Nullable.

Here is an example: I want to receive: prénom, email, code postal and opt-in of participants (avoid accents, spaces and special characters):


Note: when you want to add a field where the user answers yes or no, you need to choose Boolean in the date type.

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8/ Once the attributes creates, click on Create.


9/ Once your Data Extension created, click on Edit

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10/ Then select Used for sending and choose Email

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11/ Go back to Fastory and go to the settings of the bot that you want to interconnect. In the settings, select the list that you've just created in Salesforce:

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12/ In each question you will be able to activate the Salesforce option to send the data. Once you activated it, you will need to select the Salesforce attribute create in Step 7.

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13/ Repeat this operation for each question then save and publish the bot.


👏 You're now done with the settings and the data will be automatically sent to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud list.

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