How to interconnect Fastory to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Interconnect your Fastory and Saleforce Marketing Cloud accounts before setting the data sending.


Setting up Salesforce Marketing Cloud

1/ Login to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account

2/ Click on your profile on the top right corner and go to Setup

Notion image

3/ In the left sidebarn click on App inside Platform tools then Installed packages

4/ Click on New to create a new package (this will allow you to interconnect Salesforce to Fastory). Give it a name ex: Fastory

Notion image

5/ Click on Add component at the center of your page

6/ Select API Integration then click on Next

Notion image

7/ For the type of integration, tick the Server-to-server box then click on Next

Notion image

8/ A list of properties is displaying. Select the above properties:

In CONTACTS, tick the List and Subscribers box: read and write

In DATA, tick the Data Extensions box: read and write

Notion image

9/ Click on Save and let this page open. Open Fastory in a new tab.


Setting up Fastory integrations


10/ On Fastory go to Settings then Integrations and click on the Salesforce Settings

Notion image

11/ Fill in the fields inside Fastory with the information you get in the Salesforce page:

Notion image

To be filled here:

Notion image

12/ To find the Account MID you need to go go to your account in Salesforce:

Notion image

13/ Once the fields are filled, click on Test connection to check that everything works fine.

Here it is, you made it. Your accounts are interconnected 😉


Let's see now how to set up the data sending! Click here.

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