When you create a mobile game, you can decide to add the "share and refer" option. This option allows you to increase the visibility of your publication and your participants can share it with their friends, colleagues and thus increase their chance to win.

1. Add-on activation

  • From your experiments, go to the add-ons page

  • Click on the search bar and type Bot: Sharing & Sponsorship

Informations: if you don't have access to this add-on, click on "Contact us" and fill in the form. You'll be contacted by our team (the webhook add-on can be taken in option to your plan).

2. Set up the add-on from the bot

  • Go to your bot settings

  • Select Sharing and Sponsorship

  • Don't forget to link your bot to the experiment

  • Add a message

  • Activate the networks you want to share with

Once you have set up the add-on in the bot, publish your experience

  • Go to the Publish tab

  • Publish the experience

Once the experience is published, go to the Share tab

  • Fill in the Facebook and/or Twitter metas

The metas allow to display the visual and to detail the share.

3. How to share from experience

Once you have published the experience, participants will be able to share the game by clicking on the Share button.

A modal is displayed with all the networks, choose the network you want to share then.

4. How to retrieve all the data related to the share

  • From the experiment, go to the Audience page

  • Select the experiment, the bot

  • Click on Edit table and select Code

  • Then export the CSV file

  • You will find in the visitor ID column, the sponsor code

  • In the code column you will find the code that corresponds to the sponsor

In the picture above, Fanny Hardant is Delphine's godchild

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