You can add the option to scan a barcode directly into your game bot.

How does it work?

When creating your bot, you can ask the participants of your experiment to enter or scan a barcode. They will find out if their product is eligible for the list of your products and if they can participate in the contest you will set up.

1. Activate the add-on

  • From your experiments, go to the Add-ons page

  • Click on the search bar and type Bot: Scan bar code

Informations: if you don't have access to this add-on, click on "Contact us" and fill in the form. You'll be contacted by our team (the webhook add-on can be taken in option to your plan).

2. Scan settings: Bar code from your Bot

In the bot settings, you can add an error message if the code is invalid or not detected.

See also the article : how to import barcodes inside the barcode question in the bot?

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