The Canva/Fastory interconnect allows you to easily make image content from Canva and easily integrate it into your Fastory account in the image gallery.

Image creation

Fastory allows you to insert and customize your multimedia content (images) in your experiences with Canva.

The steps to follow:

  • Add an image component from the builder


  • Click on the "Design on Canva" button;

  • Choose an image size: portrait, landscape, square or custom;

Warning: once validated, this image size cannot be changed on Canva. To change the size, you will have to create a new content.

  • Once you have chosen your size, register or log in with an email address or our

  • Facebook Account. This will automatically create your Canva account;

Tips: if you have never used Canva to create your designs, here is a link to learn how to use it.

How to create a custom image for your social networks

  • You will then access the Canva platform and will be able to create your image;

  • Once your image is ready, publish it and use it inside your Fastory experience.

Editing an image

If you want to modify an image already created, you just have to click on the pencil next to your image. You can also delete this image by clicking on the "delete" garbage can.

Warning: a 403 error may appear. To avoid this, you will need to open your Canva account in a new browser tab. Keep your Canva connection open while you make changes.

Once you have opened your Canva account in a new tab, go back to your Fastory page tab and edit your content.

Delete an image

If you want to delete a visual, just click on the "trash can" next to your image.

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