Hi everyone,

Each week, some optimizations and new features appear on the platform. The objective is to allow you to do always more and to create incredible experiences.🤗

New features


You can add a background image to your Hub in order to personalize it with your brand identity. 

📍Automatically open and close your experience 

Use the dates to automatically plan when your experience will be accessible. You can also manually close your game by clicking on the three little dots or inside the "publish" tab of your experience.
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Easily test your game with the bot without having to publish it! Go to the studio and click on "test". The data will no be collected in the csv files. It's a great way to preview your experience.✨
You can also share this link with your colleagues or clients by clicking on "Share".
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You can now add Youtube videos inside the quiz, in the questions and answers.

Thank you for your attention, see you soon!  

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