Get a deeper understanding on how your audience interacts with your experience thanks to our Tag Manager.

You can use it for:

  • one or all Bots, or
  • one or all your Experiences. 

Before You Start

Make sure the "Tag Manager" Add-on is enabled:

If you can't see the "ON/OFF" button, go in he "Integration" tab and contact us in order to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans.

Creating an event

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to create an event for the Tag Manager:

  1. in the "Integration" tab, click on "Create an event":

2. give your event a name and select what you want to do:

3. define in which bot or experience you want the script to be inserted

4. add one or more variables (like visitorId, brickId, brickName, among others) according to your needs:

5. click on "Validate" at the bottom of the screen.

You're all set! Now, publish more experiences to take full advantage of the Tag Manager feature 😃

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