Every week, we update and add new features to our platform. This way, you can customize your experience always more!

So... what did happen this week?

New features


You could already add links and write content... now, you can also add buttons, at every step of the bot.

Picture: format customization

You have now the possibility to resize an image after you added it. You can choose from several parameters: adding internal or external margins, a background colour, etc.


Look and feel

We sent a poll to our users and took their feedback into account: we worked on the platform's wording and display so that using our platform would be even more intuitive.

For example, our Bot (formerly called "Operator") is now accessible from our Studio for you to create and set it up more quickly.



Selfie Contest
We updated several settings of this game after the iOS 13 update, for it to be compliant with Apple's new rules. We also updated the Selfie Contest's settings for Android, as some Huawei users asked for them.

You could already stick one button in your experience's footer, for it to stay visible even after scrolling. Now, you can choose the "Full Width" format: this way, the button will use more space on the screen so that it will be easier to click on it. Warning: this does not enable sticking the button in the footer.

And also, the graphic and fonts styles of the button will be the of the default Theme, so that you could edit only what you want.

Cutomizing backgrounds for games or content screens

You can now choose a different background and image per game step (intro, game, lost or win screens). This means you can express more creativity and surprise your audience at each screen by creating different atmospheres or graphical assets.

Website preloader screen

  • Desktop version: if the last screen of your experience is a "website preloader scren", the website preloader will open a new tab in the browser for the user to access the desktop version of your website.
  • Mobile version: nothing changes, the website preloader preloads your site so that the user can access it quicker and navigation seem smoother.

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