What is an instant win?

The instant win is a form of promotional game in which the participant win a prize on winning time slots. He finds out live in the bot whether he has won or not after having filled in his information.

Here is how to create an instant win in a few simple steps:

1. Add-on activation request

  • From your workspace, go to the Add-ons page

  • Click on the search bar and type Instant Win

  • Check that the add-on is activated

Information: if you do not have access to this add-on, please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button and fill in the activation request form. You will then be contacted by our team.

First, you need to create the prizes to be won by the participants.

2. Set up the rewards

  • From your workspace, go to Experiences and select Rewards

  • Click on the + Reward button

  • Add a reward (insert title, description, quantity, price, category and image) then click on Confirm

  • By clicking on Confirm, your reward will appear in the Rewards tab (example below)

Information : you can add as many as you want. Just click on + Reward.

3. Set up the contest

Once you have registered your rewards :

  • Go to the Contests tab

  • Click on + Promotion and then on Instant Win

  • A window Choose your rewards and their quantity appears, choose the title of the contest

  • Assign the rewards of your choice to the contest

  • Click on Next

Information: the number of prizes to be won cannot exceed the total number of prizes in your possession.

You can then :

  • Choose the time zone

  • Define a period

  • Generate instant win dates. If these dates do not suit you, you can change them manually.

  • Sort by date

  • Limit the contest to one trial per day if you wish

  • Put the rewards in "Priority. When you have several rewards on a whole day, putting some rewards in priority will automatically put them in front of the rewards that are not in priority.

  • Allow winning without email

4. Insert an instant win in the Bot

The Bot allows the user to register for the automatic instant win. The winners will be drawn among the user who entered their details in the bot.

Add the Instant Win question. You must request the email before the instant win question.

Don't forget to select your contest in the drop-down menu ( it must be in Ready mode)

Putting it online

Once the configuration is complete, make sure you have saved your changes. First

click on Save, then on Go Live.

Clarification of the Visitor can play once a day option:

If you have activated the Visitor can play once a day option:

The player can play once a day regardless of whether he wins or loses.

If a player has already won he/she cannot win the same prize again for the whole game but he/she can win another prize on another day.

If you have deactivated the option Visitor can play once a day :

The player can play several times a day, but he can only win once in the whole game.


Recurring questions

1. May a person win more than once during the entire game?

Yes, a participant can win multiple times throughout the game.

Example: You launch a winning instant. There are 10 t-shirts and 2 concert tickets to win. 12 prizes in total. The game starts on 01/03/2024 and ends on 26/03/2024.

Can Regis win 6 t-shirts and 1 seat during the game?

Yes, it doesn't matter if the option "The visitor can win once a day" is activated or desactivated. If he plays every day but from the moment he wins, he can continue to play but he can't win anymore. He will have to wait until the next day to play again.

2. Why do I have to ask for the email address before the Instant Win is revealed?

When you set up the instant win in your Bot, the participant's email address must always be requested before the instant win is revealed.

Asking for their email address before the game starts ensures that they can be contacted if they win. If he is not asked for his email address or if it is asked for after he has played, he will automatically lose the game. Whether he tries once or several times during the day or during the whole game period, he will lose in any case.

3. What is the purpose of the "allow winning without email" option?

The option "authorize the victory without email" is used when the game or the winning instant takes place in the presence of the participants (during a trade show, in a store or in a street marketing event) and when the brand does not wish to collect Data. The game appears on a poster, a sign or on flyers with a QRCode available to participants. They will be able to scan the QRCode on their phone to be redirected to the contest and participate from their mobile. The winners will be able to collect their prizes directly on the spot. The brand will also be able to manage its inventory of prizes.

4. Why do I have the same email in the winners' file several times?

It is possible that the participant has won several times in the contest. If he/she enters the same email, this explains the recurrence in the winners' file.

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