There are 3 ways for you to integrate the content you created with Fastory into your website. 

1. Multichannel integration of a Microsite, Landing Page or Game

To display your experience on your website you have two options : a custom card or an iFrame integration.
You can test the two options here.  

Option 1: Custom card

You can integrate a custom card : when people click on it, the experience will display full screen.

To configurate your card, in your editor, go to Share and click on Embed.
You can personalize the title, subtitle and the text of the button. You can also add an image (200x200 px, Max 8MB). 

Once you personalized it, follow these 2 steps :

The first script has to be inserted only once in your website before the </body> tag or directly inside Google Tag Manager if you use this tool. 

<script src=""></script>

You'll have the possibility to insert your different experiences in your website as many times as you like with the second script: 

Here you go! Your experience is integrated ✨


Option 2 : iFrame

Integrate your Experience with iFrame. The content will be displayed directly on your website page.
WARNING! This integration is not mobile-first, it is thought for a desktop usage because of its iframe format. 

<iframe src="" style="width:360px;height:640px;border:0" id="fastory-story-iframe"></iframe>

Here you go! Your iframe is integrated: 

2. Integration of your Hub in your website

You can integrate your hub with an iFrame : Test it here.

You hub contains different experiences that you chose to display.
To insert it in your website, go to Widget & Hub and copy/paste the iframe code.

Warning: there are some limitations due to the browser used.
Fastory is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6 to 11. However, if users access the experience, a message will be displayed asking them to user another browser more recent like Chrome, Firefox or Edge with links to download them. 

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