Your Hub is a space where you can find all your experiences (Microsites, Landing Pages and Video Stories).

This is a URL you can share with your fans, for them to access your experiences.

You can integrate your Hub into your website using an iFrame.

You can customize your Hub: 

  • select a picture and give a name to your Hub (the users will be able to see all of this);
  • write a description;
  • fill the social media fields to enable your fans to access your networks from the Hub;
  • add the URL redirecting to your privacy policy;
  • add a background image.

Your Hub is ready! 🙌

You can choose the experiences you want to display in the Hub through the "Content" tab: just tick the box Display on the Hub at the bottom of each experience.

Note that only published Microsites, Landing Pages and Stories will appear in your Hub.  

If you use the Fastory Instagram widget, your Instagram Stories will automatically appear in your Hub.

What is the Hub light?

The Hub light is a mini-version of the Hub. You can insert it into screens of content.

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