What is the Hub?

Your Hub is a space where you can find all your experiences (Microsites, Landing Pages and Video Stories). This is a URL you can share with your fans, for them to access your experiences.

1. How to publish your experiences on the Hub

Before customizing your Hub, you need to create experiences (microsites, instagram stories, games etc).

To create an experiment, check out this article:


  • Only experiments with published status will appear in the Hub

  • Enable the Display on the hub option

    From the studio of your experiment go to the publish tab then to Schedule your experiment

2. How to set up your Hub?

Once your experiences have been created, you can customize your hub with your brand colors.

In your workspace:

  • Go to Settings

Update the Hub information:

  • Give your hub a name (your users will be able to see this information);

  • write a description;

  • Choose a background image and an avatar;

Note : image sizes should not exceed 8MB

Show "Home" button

This mode allows you to view your stories one by one. Just click on the house icon (top right) to return to all your stories.

Show "More Experiences" sidebar

This mode allows you to display all your stories from the sidebar located on the side. This allows you to have an overview and quickly switch from one to another.

Note : you can only choose one option

Other settings:

  • Fill in your social networks so that they can be accessible from your Hub

  • Display your hub on your website by copying the iframe,

  • Remove the hub from your workspace ⚠️ This option removes all microsites, collected data and statistics from this Hub which is also your workspace.

You can integrate the Hub with your website through an iFrame, as well as sync your Instagram Stories. For this, you can consult this article:


Add your instagram stories on the hub

  • stories older than 90 days will no longer be displayed

Your Hub is ready! 🙌

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