Before you start

Make sure the “Voting Contest” add-on is enabled. You can check this in the marketplace.

This add-on is not enabled on free accounts. Click on the “Contact us” button to get a quote or learn more about Fastory pricing plans.

Inserting a Voting Contest in a Fastory experience

You can only add the Voting Contest in a microsite. Add a brick in your timeline and pick the Voting Contest. In this type of contest, all the participants are invited to vote for their favorite picture. 

Voting Contest flow

 There are three steps in the Voting Contest: intro, game and outro. 

Intro: this is the first brick where you describe the game and the prizes to win.
Game: this is the brick from which you will set the Voting Contest.
Outro: this is the final brick, where you can thank the participants and drive them to next brick of your microsite.  

Style Customization

You can customize : 

  • the images;
  • the colors (background, menu, font) and the background image; 
  • the personalized text for: validation, "already validated" and share; 
  • the networks in which participants can share the contest; 
  • the closing time.

Interest of adding a mini-game to a microsite 

When adding mini-games to your microsite, you make this experience more funny and interactive for your audience. A game is a unique and efficient way to create a connection between a brand and its community, or to escape from traditional advertising and marketing. Create an experience that your audience will remember!

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