Before you start

Make sure the “Swipe Poll” add-on is enabled. You can check this in the marketplace.

This add-on is not enabled on free accounts. Click on the “Contact us” button to get a quote or learn more about Fastory pricing plans.

Inserting a Swipe Poll in a Fastory experience

You can only add the Swipe Poll in a microsite.
Add a brick in your timeline and pick the Swipe Poll. As it’s a poll, there is no good or bad answer. The player has to swipe left or right to give his opinion.  

Swipe Poll flow

There are three steps in the Swipe Poll: intro, game and outro. 

Intro: this is the first brick where you describe the game and the prizes to win.
Game: Swipe Poll
Outro: this is the final brick, where you can thank the participants and drive them to next brick of your microsite. 

Style Customization

You can change the images of the components :

  • the image of the cards as well as their description;
  • the images of swipe left and swipe right.

You can also customize :

  • the colors (background, header, font) and the background image; 
  • the time lapse to swipe the cards. 

Interest of adding a mini-game to a microsite

 When adding mini-games to your microsite, you make this experience more funny and interactive for your audience. A game is a unique and efficient way to create a connection between a brand and its community, or to escape from traditional advertising and marketing. Create an experience that your audience will remember!

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